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Kid’s Camps

Our Kids Camps are meant to take back our youngster in deep contact with Nature and the natural living; and therefore, with their innermost side, so often hidden or deleted in nowadays noisy world. At our Camps, all tecnologic items are banned during the 10 days of Camp and full activities in the outdoors but also several moments of Silence and Listening, will take place. After 30 years working with kids in the Nature we believe even more now that this is the first way, the main point, to lead boys and girls towards a true and free life: their smiles from the heart at the end of the stay and the new light they get into the eyes is not only our main reward but, mostly, it’s the confirm that this sacred way, is the one!

NEXT Dates

-Dolomiti Mountains, Italy, June 8/13, 2024

-Sarek National Park, Sweden, 10/20 August 2024

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