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...those coming back from or going to North Cape, or simply on your way north: take  west the road 7 kms north of Jokkmokk (see photo here below) and in about 1 hour and 20 minutes you will reach us and the entrance to majestic Sarek National Park... Even if only for 1 day, it would be really worthy!!!




..... for those leaving our place; if you still have time, you can reach Norway (Narvik) and the Lofoten Islands  in a few hours drive.

Suggested stops along the way are: Nikkaluokta, to enter the Kebnekaise Alps, highest peaks in Sweden (if, for exhample, you reach in a few hours hike Tarfalastugan Hut, and spend  a magic night there, you will feel as in the Alps, but with a special nordic touch!). 

Another suggested stop before Narvik is Abisko with its giant lake and the famous half moon shaped mountains. Several hikes are also possible, from Abisko.

 An  old  postcard  showing  the  tiny  road  leading  to  our  paradise...

How you can reach us

Yes, we are… far North,

but it’s very simple to reach us!

From wherever you travel from, in this vast little beautiful Planet…, you will have to fly to Arlanda, the airport  of Stockholm, capital of Sweden. From Arlanda airport take the “Arlanda Express” and reach Stockholm Central Train Station: not more than 20 minutes!

Alternatively, you can fly to Stockholm Skavsta, with Ryan Air;…., much cheaper!

From Stockholm Central you can leave your luggages and have a short walk to the Gamla Stan, the Old Town…, really wonderful! But don’t forget that in the evening you have to jump on your Nattåg, the night train that will bring you 1500 kms more north…, in the real Far North above the Arctic Circle, to the tiny locality of Murjek. Here, in the morning, you will find us, waiting for you with our "famous" red Van!    You can book your couchette on, english page.

Of course you can also drive all the way, or simply visit us coming down from North Cape or other norwegian journeys... In this case, do not miss these indications....:

OTHER OPTION: From Stockholm Arlanda, you can also fly directly to Gällivare (about 3 hours, near Murjek) with SAS or NextJet.

See you:-) !!!

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